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: Aug 1, 2016

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For more than 20 years the Slovak Business Agency (SBA) has been supporting development and growth of Slovak SMEs to improve their competitiveness at the local, regional, national levels, on the EU market and globally. The non-profit organization is a unique platform of the public and private sector initiated by the European Union and the Slovak Government. As an implementation agency for PHARE and Structural Funds, the Agency supported the growth and expansion of Slovak companies active in the field of innovative technologies, research and development, as well as tourism. The Agency has also contributed to the establishment and capacity building of partner organizations and incubators in various Slovak regions which are used for SMEs.

SBA identifies and analyses barriers of the business development, prepares proposals for their elimination including drafts of legal regulations, prepares proposals for the state politics and strategies that are important for SMEs and via the Ministry of Economy of the SR, as a patron of SMEs, submits them to the government. The Agency increases awareness about the SMEs issues, regularly discusses their on-going SME-initiatives and specifically promotes and provides guidance on the application of the “Think Small First principle”.

The SBA drafts out quantitative and qualitative information on the SME sector from statistical data, own surveys, consultations with representatives of the business sector, universities, foreign partners etc. This information is used by the public sector, the government mostly, as the base material for the proposals of state politics, strategies and legislation, as well as by the universities and businesses for the purpose of the facilitation of innovation, internationalization, business setup and growth.

Thanks to the ongoing SBA microloans program and the venture capital, even very small businesses can afford access to favourable finances.

SBA prepares specific programmes for the support of SMEs, which increase skills and competence of entrepreneurs as well as the professional preparation of the potential entrepreneurs. SBA disposes with a pool of experts, mentors, contacts and agreements with various stakeholders that deal with the SME issues.

SBA also implemented a national project aimed at creating the National Business Centre - providing complex business support for new and established entrepreneurs under one roof through the one-stop–shop concept. Currently, SBA is preparing for the 2nd phase of the national project, launching the National Business Centre in Bratislava.

Combining data with being an SME envoy, with power delegated by the Ministry of Economy, SBA is responsible for establishing a close, direct link between the European Commission, SMEs and their representatives. This is emphasized also via Enterprise Europe Network (formerly Euro Info Centre) – the global network existing across the EU and beyond, which helps small businesses to make the most of the European marketplace.

SBA is a holder of ISO 9001 08 Quality Management System certificate.

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