Besnik Limaj

: Nov 6, 2023

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Besnik Limaj is an influential cybersecurity team leader and artificial intelligence strategist, with over two decades of international experience. His exemplary leadership has been crucial to the success of trans-regional and trans-continental EU-funded cybersecurity projects across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America. He was the instrumental team leader for the Cybersecurity East project (2019-2022), which benefited six Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, and served as the team leader for the first EU-funded cybersecurity ENCYSEC Project (2014-2016), enhancing cybersecurity across four nations spanning Europe and Asia. His efforts in leading and steering the development of cybersecurity projects for 49 African countries (2023) underscore his proficiency in executing large-scale projects and formulating strategic cybersecurity measures.

A thought leader in Cybersecurity and AI, Besnik’s expertise encompasses crucial frameworks and methodologies such as the European Commission’s WHITE PAPER on AI, the NIST Risk Management Framework, and ISO 27001. His technical expertise extends to hands-on skills in ethical hacking, penetration testing, and mastery of multiple programming languages and database management systems.

Beyond technical expertise, Besnik’s global perspective is enriched by his international exposure, having engaged with diverse cultures and business environments from Hong Kong to San Francisco. This global outlook complements his rigorous academic background, including an MBA from the University of Sheffield and leadership qualifications from the Chartered Management Institute in London.

As a certified DGQ Internal Auditor and Quality Systems Manager, Besnik brings a quality-centric approach to operational excellence and is adept at stakeholder analysis, policy framework analysis, and business process reengineering. He is recognised for his ability to synthesize complex technical concepts into strategic business solutions and for steering multidisciplinary teams toward achieving organisational goals.

His leadership philosophy is rooted in motivational team management and clear logical decision-making, enabling him to thrive in dynamic environments and lead cross-continental teams with confidence.

Besnik Limaj is more than just a cybersecurity and AI professional; he is a visionary capable of transforming challenges into innovative solutions, fostering strategic partnerships, and driving forward the frontiers of technology and business intelligence.

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