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: Sep 28, 2022

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DCM Tech GmbH is Vienna, Austria based boutique Strategic Advisory firm that focuses on bringing innovative technologies from various parts of the world (North America, Eastern Europe, Asia) to the DACH Region (Deutschland, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland) and helps to deploy  them.
The founders of DCM Tech have more than 50+ years collective experience in FinTech and general IT innovations cross-continent and helped many startups to get funded, launched and exited successfully.

The object of the company are: (1) Consulting, in particular digital media consulting as well as advertising and marketing, in particular in the IT sector; (2) Acquisition and management of holdings in companies that are active in the areas mentioned in paragraph (1); (3) the operation and the assumption of the operational management of companies and businesses according to paragraph (1).

In addition, the company can conduct all transactions that are suitable for directly or indirectly serving the purpose of the company, with the exception of banking transactions.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Start Up
 New Media

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