Tatjana Christelbauer

: Aug 8, 2023

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About Me

ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy association president & founder; art_scientist (cognitive humanities, new media); speaker, trainer for cultural diplomacy, sustainable development education,  relational cultures

Projects in progress: ERASMUS+ projects K2 Environmental education in dance arts & for high school students. See ACD webpages: 

Creative design and art_science-based educational projects, presentations, and lectures on the topics: Identities, cultures & values: UN SDG compass; Orange Economy, Feminist arts 4 SDGs; Cultural Diplomacy4Science Diplomacy police< communication2030... in the practice of CSOs; IkuBi2030- Education for Futures; Atmospheric impact: applied arts in relational cultures; dance composition: dancearts4SDGs; arts in mental health care: HeartBell;

Project management, public relations, blogging for the ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy

The Art of Feathership: leadership model;

Austrian SDG Awarded in 2022 for the Orange Feather Initiative started in support of the UN Women initiative "Orange the World"


Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Capacity Building
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Gender Equality
 Education and Training
 Arts Education
 Horizon Europe
 Mental health
 Artificial Intelligence

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