: Mar 11, 2019

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Education Area:

design and implementation of educational programs that focus on respect for the "other" in all senses: the environment, people, institutions. At these correlates: the promotion of social responsibility initiatives, educational proposals on intercultural, peace, diversity and diversability, globalization, North-South relations in the world, equal opportunities, environment, renewable energy. Training for operators, for adults and children takes place with specific projects and actions, with activities of animation, organization of festivals or cultural events on various themes aimed at promoting a culture of co-responsibility, reception, integration of socio-educational services.


Personal Assistance Area:

hospitality, school and home care, social and socio-economic integration for people with disabilities, not self-sufficient even temporarily, through the use of personalized projects, techniques, advice, assistance, training, support for families, facilitated and augmentative communication. Concretely, it is the construction site of the third age active to deal with and carry out intergenerational activities, active aging, family assistance and projects for autonomy.


Active Citizenship, Work and Integration Area:

work is a privileged place where the person can express skills, competences and roles. Accompanying people who have conditions considered "out of standard" by the market is a commitment that AttivaMente performs with motivation and tools. It does this both on behalf of third parties accompanying companies and third-party organizations, both internally in its activities. In particular, with dedicated construction sites, we are following job placement, services for work, social-work rehabilitation, reception of trainees and interns. Every occasion is taken to implement socio-cultural integration.


Local Development Area, Tourism and AgriBio:

Development also on behalf of third parties of analysis, planning and implementation of promotional and local entertainment activities, networking, consortia and partner frameworks. For over a year the "Tourism4All" project has been carried out, also through the management of its own accommodation facilities, such as the Natura Delta del Po Refuge, the Po Delta Park Forestry, the Po River Eco Museum del Po, as well as services for the social, natural and cultural tourism. In the ambit of agritourism and organic cultivation, agricultural crops and productions are under way, as well as agricultural and fish production, packaging and marketing of the same productions.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Food Safety
 Natural Resources
 Development and Cooperation
 Sustainable Tourism
 Culture and Development
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 Relationship Management
 Human Rights

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