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: Nov 13, 2018

About Me

Our main mission is to put forward our expertise to consult individuals and companies in writing, shaping and carrying out their projects. If you have a project, a mission or the desire of solving a compelling social issue, we are the right association for you. We are all young postgraduates, coming from different backgrounds, whose strong point is the multidisciplinarity and the willpower we provide, together with the high competencies we deploy to assist your project.

We are not simple middlemen between you and the funds you need, however. We assist our customers in all the process of content creation and consulting. We follow carefully all the path that links you and the success of your plans, from the initial steps to the post-funding phase, where create a network of useful contacts, connecting all our customers with each other and with institutions and companies. Thus supporting our clients in building up a helpful net of new opportunities for future workers, since we firmly believe that our job does not stop with the actual realization of the project.

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