: Aug 2, 2021

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About Me

I graduated from Civil  Environmental Engineering and I have got a PHD in Hydraulics Engineering from the Polytechnic University of ;

I am a professor of hydraulics at the Alma Mater Studiorum where I teach Ocean and Coastal engineering at the international masters of the University of Bologna.
I carry out research in the field of hydraulics and fluid mechanics, deepening aspects related to applications at sea. I am an expert in hydrodynamics and coastal morphodynamics, pollution at sea from hydrocarbon spills or thermal pollution, interaction of current waves and structures both at the coast and in the open sea.

I have participated in a large number of research projects since the late 1990s financed from European Community funds, or by Italian ministries. I hold a patent for a device for converting energy from the sea.

I am the author of over 200 publications in international journals and conferences, I am auditor for the H2020 and Horizon Europe projects. I carry out consultancy activities for private companies in the field of environmental protection and oil & gas both in Italy and abroad and environmental hydraulic consultancy for public and private bodies for over 25 ;

My great passions are mountaineering skiing and sailing. Married, I have two daughters.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Renewable Energy
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Earth Sciences
 Innovation & Research
 Water Resource Management
 Climate Sciences
 Green Deal

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