: May 27, 2019

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About Me

Polimorf is a collective of multimedia artists, that was founded in 2013 in the municipality of New Belgrade, with a main goal of promoting art through different courses of action, focusing on urban interventions by creating socially and ecologically responsible works of art, installations and products.

Creating art within the areas of industrial and graphic design, sculpture, art installation, street art and scenography, Polimorf tends to create and act through forms of festivals and/or an exhibition space, a street artistic expression and a commercially applied aspect.

Polimorf strives to create projects that will stimulate mobility of artists, the joint work of artists and non-artists and the popularization of art, by enabling conditions for the creation of new works of art, as well as the implementation of art on public or unused surfaces and facades.

Polimorf aims to serve as a platform that helps artists who want to create and promote their art, but also seek to bring art to the public and make it more visible in everyday life in various social spheres, through hosting and organizing cultural and educational events.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Raw Materials
 Waste Management
 International Cooperation
 Arts Education
 Culture and Development
 Performing Arts
 Visual Arts

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