: May 27, 2019

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About Me

Polimorf is a loose collective of sculptors, painters, illustrators, street artists, graphic and industrial designers, photographers and scenographers situated in New Belgrade. Officially and legally formed in March 2013. we originally came together for support, practical or otherwise, as well as to work together in an attempt to foster an uninhibited exchange of ideas.

  Evolution is a healthy part of any living organism, so taking our cues from nature, we too evolved and nurtured our concept. We combined our colorful backgrounds and decided that urban intervention was going to be our primary goal as a group.

  The space in which we act is mainly deteriorated, abandoned and unused. To us, it serves as an inspiration and to passers-by as an open air gallery. The idea is to have a dual effect: firstly, there is the creation, development, learning. Secondly, giving and sharing ourselfs with others - artists and those who are not. Creating a space which can offer more than just an empty field, rotten walls, unused spaces and public areas - that is our goal.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Raw Materials
 Waste Management
 International Cooperation
 Arts Education
 Culture and Development
 Performing Arts
 Visual Arts

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