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: Sep 15, 2022

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Who we are

The ŠumArt Association is committed to the promotion initiatives, innovation and enhancement of ideas of young people as bearers of the new aspirations, and their mutual, regional and international connections. We invest in young people as future leaders in the business they will be engaged in, their ideas, and projects, to create a new model of urban culture and healthy lifestyle, establishing a new type of institution that meets the needs of the 21st-century people.


How we do

By recognizing the creative industries as a crucial factor in the healthy development of the 21st-century society, the ŠumArt Association consists of experts, young art historians, social scientists and visual artists.

Creating a new creative ecosystem will connect research centres, cultural institutions, and scientific and professional institutions with the creative industries, improve employment, and promote professional engagement in art theory and practice.



The artists, the visionaries, the makers, the observers, and the communicators are part of our team.

Utilizing the innovation of young creative people, as well as the functional relationships that connect art theory, practice and the creative sector, we aim to establish new types of collaborations among them.

The result will be further growth of the sector, especially at the regional and international level; development of new brands - especially those created through this form of regional and international cooperation; and finally, strengthening expertise in creative industries (research, development, and strengthening of scientific and professional support).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Creative Industries
 Visual Arts

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