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We would like to make an International coopration project that:
- increase the mobility of artists (art residencies, art colonies, traveling exhibitions, etc.)
- contribute to audience development: along with one gallery and a cultural centre, we are one of the few cultural organizations that is located in New Belgrade, the largest municipality in Belgrade (220,000 inhabitants).

We have a good communication with the local community. During the past activities we managed to bring together neighbors, primary and other interested young people. We would like to increase our field of activity by creating new outdoor programs (street art, art installations, sculptures ...).
The New Belgrade is a place known for modernist architecture and a large green areas, which would represent the terrain for the realization of our future programs.
We would like to take part in the European cooperation project that contribute to the development of cultural needs of local communities.

Also, we are open for all proposals, collaborations and suggestions! :)

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