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: Jul 12, 2022

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CirEkon is a catalyst for the implementation of the circular economy, innovative business and responsible marketing with a focus on sustainable business. By working together, we create innovative business systems, resistant to the latest demands of the circular market. CirEkon is a part of the Ellen McArthur Foundation Community and we are connected with over a 100 companies and experts from the field of circular economy in Balkan region and in Europe, as well as various universities such as the University of Belgrade, University of Niš, University of Kragujevac, University of Zagreb, University of Budapest, University of Hamburg, University of Wuppertal, University of Athens, University of Leiden, University of Graz, Delft University of Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Hamburg and Cranfield University. We have been a solid and trustworthy partner in several Interreg, UNDP and GIZ projects. By collaborating with cities, governmental bodies and chambers of commerce, we are well-positioned to engage with necessary stakeholders but also to create a triple-helix approach to any topic related project. Finally, by being a partner of the EIT Climate KIC community we are ready to welcome and invite various partners around the EU for a systemic collaboration.

CirEkon’s portfolio of services ranges from education, training for main areas of circular economy, to market and company level assessments and analysis (MFA, Value chain, LCA, Carbon Footprint, etc.) and close consulting for clients on topics of re-design of their products, services or operations in order to become more efficient in their circular business transition journey. As a side-arm, CirEkon helps companies unify their voices for a bottom-up approach, and helps policymakers understand the needs for changes in that domain through macro level assessments, systemic mapping and analysis and policymaking advisory. Likewise, we are building the arm towards the civil sector, in order to support faster knowledge and dissemination and awareness rising about the character, benefits and barriers of the circular economy.

Since the beginning of 2020, CirEkon is the leader of the Balkan Circular Economy Beacons project, supported by the European Union via Horizon, within the EIT Climate-KIC program with a budget of 1 million euros. Through this project we connect Balkan countries and push circular business foundation through innovation. Our vision is to create a socio-economic system that produces a profitable, safe, fair, clean, and resilient, circular market in the Balkans. The goal is to build an eco-system for circular, climate-related innovation that catalyses systems transition in sequences from experiment through collaboration to implementation.

CirEkon team together with EIT Climate-KIC trainers designed a framework for conducting trainings for trainers for the implementation of circular economy in companies.

The unique comprehensive educational model, designed by the CirEkon team – Academy for circular economy has existed since 2018. Representatives of various business orientations and various larger and smaller companies in Serbia were part of this educational model. Aware of the fact that education in this field is part of the process of adapting to EU regulations, energy and environmental transition, we use our expertise to help companies in Serbia and the Balkans, to improve the quality, effectiveness, efficiency while reducing the negative environmental impact, hence preparing them for the transition to a circular business operation. Representatives of the public sector used the knowledge gained to pivot around different strategic options in Serbia. Under the umbrella of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce this program is being successfully implemented throughout the whole country.
Furthermore, CirEkon is the author of several national assessments on closing the material loops and circular economy.

CirEkon team is eager to join projects that are systemic in nature and that require:

  1. Circular economy systemic deep expertise
  2. Systems analysis and systems modelling
  3. Stakeholder management for ecosystem building
  4. Strategy and Business modelling and client / beneficiaries management
  5. Education and training for the circular economy
  6. Aid in systemic project design (We make projects systemic and circular by design)

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Sustainable Development
 Horizon Europe
 LIFE programme
 Green Deal

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