Pedro Vale Moreira

: Jul 15, 2022

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About Me

My name is Pedro Vale Moreira and I was born in 1977, in the city of Barcelos.
I'm Head of Transport Authority and Mobility Management Unit @ Município de Braga, responsible for coordination of European projects (URBACT, CIVITAS, EIT Urban Mobility, Eurocities, CEF-CALL Quadrilátero Urbano). I'm graduated in Engineer and Industrial Management by Minho's University and I hold a master degree in Transportation by University of Porto. I'm especialized in Public Transportation Operation Management, also by University of Porto.
Previously I was a Senior Engineer at the Mobility Division in the Municipality of Barcelos, responsible for the inauguration and management of the Transportation Hub of the city.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Sustainable Transport
 Clean Transport
 Urban transport
 Smart Mobility

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