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: Nov 8, 2018

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Doctors for Peace is a voluntary organization that deals with international health cooperation, interventions for marginalized people and groups resident in our country, using education, sensitivity, and training.

It was founded in Verona in 2001 as ONLUS (non-lucrative organization for social benefit) and was registered in the Voluntary Register of the Veneto region with number VR625. Health professionals (doctors, specialists, practical nurses, psychologists) work in the organization as volunteers.

Due to the complexity of the interventions carried out, Doctors for Peace avails itself of volunteers’ professional background (lawyers, accountants, and computer and communication experts).


Doctors for Peace pursues its solidarity purposes through  listening, identification, and real-cooperation politics with the populations and governments who benefit from its intervention. It privileges “light” interventions with a good cost/benefit ratio, in which the functional aspect prevails on the structural aspect (, vaccination and preventive medicine campaigns; hygienic, food and health education; integrated projects oriented towards the community etc.)

It operates in respect of governmental purposes and programs already present in the territory and through reinforcement processes of existing skills, supervising and monitoring processes, it integrates itself with initiatives of local groups and NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

Training of local professionals, reached through cultural exchanges between South and South of the world, allow Doctors for Peace to provide health services of appropriate quality and sustainable cost white also contributing to the economy.

Doctors for Peace believes that social discrimination, ignorance and poverty, together with exploitation, injustice and discrimination are the first sicknesses deserving of a fight: they are as lethal as the ones described in pathology books, and both kinds must be addressed.


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 Health Care
 Humanitarian Aid
 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
 Aid to Refugees
 Mental health

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