Juan Antonio Escobar Martínez

: Oct 26, 2018

Looking for Consultant Looking for Extra EU Funds
About Me

My name is Juan Antonio Escobar Martínez, I´m looking for personal support and funding for an own social project. I have just finished the Master in Environmental Education and I previously studied the Psychology degree. I am trying to start up the project that I presented as master's final project. It is a project that combines Environmental Education and Social Circus, focused on the combination of several educational disciplines to promote cooperation at the local level, active participation, the validity and inclusion of any person willing to collaborate, etc. I bring this proposal after a period of experience in the field of Social Circus as an educational tool abroad. I have had the good fortune to play the role of pedagogue of circus in Germany, in a small school of Social Circus, where I have participated in projects very similar to this one collaborating with schools and different local collectives. I have been able to verify the potential and the strength that this educational tool has, for which I have decided to try to launch a similar project in my country, which provides new ideas and opportunities.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 Sustainable Development
 Education and Training

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