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: Jan 20, 2016

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İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği (IAAD), is the entity/umbrella hosting "Horizon Europa Partners", and was established in the city of Istanbul in September 2015, under the form of not for profit Civil Society Organisation. IAAD main activities are organised in two specific spheres: a) societal challenges; b) innovation and technology.

We are motivated in cooperating with organisations as partners for upcoming projects proposals/calls, and as associated partner as well in ongoing projects, for the purpose of Dissemination and Exploitation of Results (DEOR).

Our working groups and organisations are present in Portugal and Turkey.

IAAD is active in the fields of Education and Training (multi sectors, VET-based, Non-Formal and Informal), Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development (Circular and Bio Economy), Youth development and Societal Challenges (health, employment, migrants and refugees).

We are particularly motivated by the following programmes: ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, H2020, EuropeAid, COSME, EaSI, EEA, ENPI CBC Med, LIFE, EUREKA, Interreg MED, and DG Justice.

IAAD still need experience to be able to coordinate projects so we are looking forward to joining project proposals in which our current competences could be an added-value, and in which we can improve our coordinating capacities for future projects in which your organisation and yourself could have a central role.

If pertinent, IAAD may apply projects proposals based on your original ideas, or complementary/innovative to already approved projects.

You may find more information on us in our LinkedIn profiles: Ms Melike Karamavuş da Silva - President at IAAD, Mr Bruno Sales Karamavuş da Silva - Vice-President at IAAD.

Migrants/refugees inclusion, cultural heritage and traditions – IAAD promotes specific inclusion programmes targeting the migrant population. IAAD’s initiatives aim at assisting local and regional communities to increase employability with tailored learning programmes, innovative community development models (community cooperatives), promoting and supporting the capitalization of experiences from elderly generations, linking them with Youth and the ICT sphere.

Societal challenges – IAAD promotes education and training initiatives supported by Non-Formal and Informal Learning (NFIL), by ECVET-based Apprenticeships and Learning Mobilities. IADD also activates participative dialogue between communities and policy-makers, develops Culture, Arts and Heritage initiatives (dance and theatre plays, festivals, media events), Sports and leisure activities, Community Cooperatives development, Social Entrepreneurship and encourages a variety of grass-root initiatives aiming at fostering pluralism, non -discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men, globally equity and inclusion.

Access to finance – IAAD develops a series of initiatives to support active citizen’s and Youth’s access to finance through a cooperative model in which each cooperant act as an investor, inspired similar models conceptualized in (Gary White) and 826 National (Dave Eggers).

Innovation and technology – IAAD fosters the development and implementation of a variety of conceptual approaches such as Circular Economy and Bio Economy, involving renewable energies, Environment conservation and protection, sustainable development programmes, agriculture and natural resources conservation.

ICT conceptual and pedagogical approaches, and tools, are key features in all IAAD’s initiatives, involving basic tools such as the Internet (Moodle, YouTube, Skype, Google Tools, Mobile Applications), and the internet of Things (connected object).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Food Safety
 Rural Development
 Smart Cities

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