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: Jun 10, 2018

About Me

CPCO Consulting is a consulting firm which prepare grant projects financed by government and EU. Our company is located in  İzmir and İstanbul.

We prepare projects for HORIZON 2020 SME Instrument.

I am a dynamic consultant - postgraduated master MBA specialized on EU project in  Dokuz Eylul University, with 8 years experience in this sector, in various grant projects, financed by EU and local governments, public projects, preparation strategic.
Since I graduated from the Izmir Economy University the department of International Relations and European Union, Turkey, I have worked as a consultant specialized in the EU grant projects, and many more. On top of that, I have worked as a professional preparing EU projects, public projects, strategic reports, strategic analysis.


Fields of Expertise:

 Fisheries and Food
 Technology Transfer
 Academic Writing

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