Emilio Muñoz

: Jun 10, 2016

About Me

Industrial Engineer enthusiastic about Photovoltaic Solar Energy. Within this sector, my last 8 years of technical experience have been focused on energy characterization of grid-connected PV systems, Financial Analysis of the PV technology in general and R&D of new solutions such as Concentrating Photovoltaics.
Although my career has been developed in the university field, it is important to highlight that this professional experience has been always focused from an applied perspective close to the industrial sector. We have participated with several SME in advisory and consultancy issues related to PV technology. I have also written reports of the operational behavior of PV plants (after an onsite visit) and also technical management of PV plants in order to assess their energy production and identify possible sources of energy ;
Nowadays, I am focusing my career in all the subjects related to distributed generation, self-consumption, micro-grids and R&D projects related to energy access in Cooperation Programs with emerging Countries.
Lately, I am also collaborating with ENACE, which it is a National Entity of Energy Auditors and Certification in issues related to energy efficiency, where the integration of renewables have a mayor role.

Beyond that, I have management skills through the writing and follow-up of R&D proposals. Lately I have participated in and H2020 (LCE31) calls and I am involved in several potential R&D consortiums. I have been in charge of several funding projects (FEDER) where I had to deal with budgets amounted to 100k€-750k€.
Additionally, I am involved in Engineering training courses (Bachelor and Master’s degree level) related to the PV technology, where I have the chance of developing teaching and communication skills and being updated with online teaching tools. These training sessions have been International and National oriented.



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 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy
 Sustainable Development
 Development and Cooperation
 Smart Cities
 Innovation & Research
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