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: Oct 3, 2019

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The Centre for Research and Innovation in Education (inED) is a research center of the Porto Polytechnic School of Education (SE). The centre applies the strategic vision and mission of that institution in teaching, in education and in social intervention, searching excellence in the preparation of citizens and professionals in scientific, technical, artistic, pedagogical and ethical levels, in the confluence of initial and in-service training, in research, in extension and services to the community and in internationalization (article 1º, number 3, Statutes of the School of Education, administrative order nº 15275/2014, 16th of December).

Therefore, inED established several goals: to promote research and innovation projects; to promote collaboration between different areas of knowledge in the SE; to promote collaboration between the SE and other entities, national and international; and to be a research unit recognized by the scientific community (article 2º, inED Regulations).

inED builds its identity in the assumption that Education is a central process in human lives, both for individuals and for societies. As a crucial and extensive process, that occurs since the first years, and through the life cycle, in a diversity of situations and contexts, Education has been the object of attention of researchers, professionals, politic deciders and general society., Education,  being a complex, culturally embedded process, must be understood as a multifaceted process whose study encompasses multiple scientific areas and perspectives, as we can see in the multidisciplinary constitution of inED.

The inED intends to contribute to the construction, dissemination, and sustainability of declarative, procedural and situational knowledge in Education Sciences specifically in four areas: Teacher Education &Training; Special Education and Inclusion; Culture, Art, and Education; Society Challenges and Education.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 Education and Training
 Arts Education
 Cultural heritage

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