Center for Democracy Intensification

: Aug 2, 2016

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About Me

We are looking for partner organizations from several European countries in order to actively participate in Erasmus + Grant Competitions.
We are “Center for Democracy Intensification”, our organization was established in 2015 and for nowadays, it is one of the biggest youth organizations in ;
We have a 2 year experience in working on projects at a local and international level, as well.
We would like to express our willingness to cooperate with organizations working on Erasmus + Grant Competitions and implement several projects and various activities within this cooperation.
See information about organization on our Web page: ;
In case of being interested in cooperation with us, please contact me on the following number.
Or send me e-mails and add me to your Facebook friends: ;
Tel: +48 510 553 736

Keywords and matching areas:

 Gender Equality
 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 European Voluntary Services
 European Union
 Project Management
 Civil Law
 Consumer Protection
 Human Rights

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