Irakli Tskhvedadze

 Development and Cooperation

: Mar 28, 2019

About Me

Independent Consultant in Institutional Development and Information Systems Management (ICT)

Experience: more than 26 year experience in both Institutional Capacity Development and Management Information Systems Enactment  for local and international (EU & CIS) public, non-profit and business entities in 

Highest Qualifications:  in Management Information Systems (MIS); Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering

Field of Action: Institutional capacity building-development & SME enterprise integration, business analysis and process engineering, project management, IT architecture & complex information system full life cycle deployment (including ERP systems), PCM, Quality assurance management (ISO)  and monitoring in compliance with international standards, study/training programmes ;

Industry Sectors:  experience across a multitude of industry sectors including ICT, Legislation, E-Governance & Public Administration, Organizational Capacity Development, Electoral, Investment Promotion (FDI/PSC), Defence, Socio-Economic, Education, Construction, Automotive, Healthcare, Human Resource, Financial, Logistics, Hospitality & Tourism (POS) and Broadcasting.

Key Positions:ICT Professor, ICT Strategist, Institutional Capacity Development Consultant, Business Process Analyst, Project Manager,  IT Architect, Quality Assurance & Monitoring Manager, ERP Solution Consultant, Marketing Manager, Trainer-Consultant 

Success & Scale: Over 30 medium and large scale local & multinational projects were successfully implemented and some of them under the auspices of  WB & EPRD, EuropeAid, COLPI, OSGF, MDF, USAID, Cordaid, EC Tacis, Eurasia, etc.

Fields of Expertise:

 Capacity Building
 IT Applications
 Project Development
 Project Management
 Project Planning
 Business Development

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