Fabrizio Giulietti

 Urban Development
 Urban transport

: May 30, 2016

About Me
  • PhD Fabrizio Giulietti, sociologist and spatial planner, worked on research projects in several European countries on a variety of socio-economical fields, ranging from working&living time flexibility in different European cities (1995-96 and 1997), to planning projects on sustainable mobility (monitoring work programs for some European bicycle city networks) and analysis of European best practices for bettering life of elderly & disadvantaged people aimed at improving government planning schemes (both in 2005), from counselling amendments to local policies (2005 and 2006) for urban and transport strategies, to policy evaluation in integrated regional planning (2007 and 2009-2010).


  • As a consultant he worked on a rail-boat freight integration (2008), assessed projects in the field of Energy Efficient Transport for the European Commission (2009), evaluated the feasibility of the "demolishing for regenerating" strategy of a neighbourhood in Rome (2011), assessed proposals for EU funded programmes (2013-2016) and worked as Business and Mobility consultant (2015).


  • Currently he deals with Sustainable Integrated Development, project evaluation and impact assessment, territorial competitiveness and innovation.

Fields of Expertise:

 Capacity Building
 Sustainable Development
 Smart Cities
 Regional Policy
 Sustainable Transport
 Climate Sciences
 Sociology and Economic Research
 Policy Evaluation and Governance
 Territorial Cooperation

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