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: Aug 10, 2016

About Me

+ is a youth association and our aim is as simple as to build a better world, one day at a time. We are about 20 members aged between 16 and 30 years with the desire to promote social, cultural, sport and educational activities to the local community.

Our name incites everyone to move, and it reflects our common passion to create activities that add value to the people and the city, inspiring and encouraging youth movement and initiative. We want to promote an active citizenship, greater social cohesion, awareness on relevant community issues, and a fairer society, supportive and motivated to share experiences and join efforts towards a better world.

Considering the specific personal and professional skills of each member, we have structured our activities into three main components: education & health promotion, civic & cultural intervention, and sports & environment. Our goal is to continuously promote the interconnection of these areas in order to develop creative, dynamic, and appealing approaches. We look at sports as a valuable tool to stimulate social cohesion, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and enhancing the spirit of resilience and sense of mutual respect. We see culture as invaluable collective heritage and an indispensable means for understanding and solidarity among generations, cultivating a spirit of citizenship and full integration of the individual in his environment. We understand arts and every way of artistic expression as an essential dimension of every human being, an effective tool to stimulate self and collective awareness, and an especially valuable way to promote a collective ideal of nature conservation and sustainable development.

We wish to encourage community values which we understand as essential for the development of an individual and for life in society: friendship, solidarity, ethics, mutual respect, civility and citizenship.

The target audience of our action consists primarily of disadvantaged groups and people with special needs emerging from their family background, social status, or other limitations of physical or psychological nature. Children, young people, and elderly, institutionalized or in risk of social exclusion are the priority of our action. However, the scope of our activities is not limited to these groups. It extends to the general population, in order to raise awareness about social, cultural, environmental and other relevant issues to promote active citizenship and shared responsibility in building a better world.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Food Safety
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Natural Resources
 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
 Youth Exchanges

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