: Sep 24, 2021

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World Research Centre of Vortex Energy (WRCVE) is a highly innovative R&D SME established in 2017 as a first of its kind in Ukraine, and brought together scientists and researchers from leading eastern Ukrainian universities.

The main activities of the WRCVE are: to study, analyze and generalize the achievements of world science and determine the possibility of their use in various spheres of society, with strong focus on the application of mathematical and computational techniques to solve real world problems, development of ecologically clean energy generation systems, and research of their consumers.

Typically, we focus on development of highly efficient renewable electricity energy systems, radio engineering systems, new digital solutions (VR, AR, IoT, etc.), systems for analysis and data processing, 3-D modelling systems, modelling of flow processes in gases and liquids, strength calculations of materials, numerical analysis, HPC/big data based technologies - applied to energy, social aspects, and human behaviour related to climate change and the protection of the surrounding environment.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Low-Carbon Technology
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Raw Materials
 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy
 Renewable Energy
 Technical Writing
 Business Writing
 Academic Writing

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