eg. Serhii Boryslavskiy of Zinga Metall

: Nov 28, 2019

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I`m manager of Zinga Metall Company, education high level in engeneering, economic of production, lawer in forign trade for export and import, investment and consulting, and international trade low and rules in concluding the international agreement.

Zinga Metall, is the owner of a cold-galvanized technology patent and a ZingaMetall according with the ZingaMetall trademark manufacturing and worldwide sales the materials for cold-galvanizing an iron surface of any metal construction. Mutual activity and investigations of our managers and scientist’s specialists of different Institutes give us new know-how and more good idea to develop ZingaMetall® as perfect material for cold galvanizing and widely assortments of materials for cold galvanizing iron , assortment of ZingaMetall, became more widely, can be possible to solve more wide of engineering missions than it can be possible just by zinc rich primers. We are not stay on one place, we are developing our technologies and the quality of our materials for cold materials are in according with ISO 3549 (DIN 55969,). Conclusion by Lab. of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia-city.

Technical Specifications , in according with ISO3549, ISO12944.

Technical Specifications MRTS85A (Steel Bridges)

Nowadays, we are developing new product for thermo-insulating interior of private and industry buildings. TradeMark - LiquidThermoCeram - all datasheet can be send after inquery to our e-mail.

Allready developed new material TorfoVita - this is the fertilaizer from natural row material, ecological and without genn modified parts. The product allready tested in laboratories and in the agro-sector fields of Ukraine, Nigeria, Moldova, Bulgaria.

If you`ll interesting please contact us by e-mail.

We are looking for partners or investor in to the new start-ups and know-how, of cource in to agricultural land of Ukraine, cooperatin with Farmers and Agro-Complex of Ukraine. Provide the consulting and legal support.



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 Construction Industry
 International Cooperation
 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)
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