Sukru Seher Ergil CPAL

: Mar 3, 2020

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Our school is a vocational high school in Izmir,one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey.


There are 1150 students aged between 15-18 and 92 teachers. We educate our

students in Office Management, Finance, Logistics, and Informatics. We have formed our E-twinning and Erasmus+ teams. Each member is highly motivated, open to innovations, hardworking, belligerent and productive in handling

their tasks.


Our project group has been trained in E-twinning and Erasmus+ projects.

We have designed projects about the topics about preventing peer victimization, nonselective education, cultural inheritance, healthy diet, improving digital competence, democratic participation, entrepreneurship, tourism and fast keyboard typing.


Member students of E-twinning and Twinya youth club which have been found in our school, have been working on social and cultural activities twice a week. Keyboard competence team have been preparing for national and international keyboard competitions. Female Futsal team is very successful, as well. Moreover, our poetry team arrange a poem performance each year with the purpose of sharing the earnings of the event with the disadvantaged needy people. Students’ artistic progress is supported by art and music classrooms. Orienteering team has been discovering the nature with diverse activities. Last but not the least, we have a choir and folk dances teams.


We are eager to coooperate with European schools and Youth institutons.

With this purpose we have been looking for partners for our K229 and K105 projects that are in preparation phase.

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 Cultural heritage
 Digital Culture

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