Durmus Sevindik

 Education and Training

: Nov 18, 2020

About Me

Key Activities
Working on European projects since 2005. I started to work on this area as a project officer in Governorship and then I worked there as city project manager for years. I haven't taken any training about PCM. But I have learned the projects how to write and coordinate myself. I have learned to write project proposals and coordinate by living. Therefore, my experience has gotten by doing and learning myself.

Drafting/writing project proposals within the Erasmus+, EuropeAid programmes (ex LLP, LdV, Gruntvig and Youth in Action programmes). Monitoring European tenders, Worldbank, Holland Matra fund, Embassy funds, local funds, Development Agency funds and the other funding opportunities.
Some Project Experiences

COSME Call, Innovation uptake and digitalisation in the tourism sector.(February 2021) Role: Project proposal writer in a team applied to the EU calls.  

Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership project, ‘’ACAD2 - Accessibility in Accommodation & Catering Sectors for Disabled People”-   Governorship, Denizli /Turkey. ; 2013 - ; 2015. Role: Proposal writer and project coordinator.

Grundtvig Centralized Project, ’’DeTALES: Digital Education Through Adult Learners EU-Enlargement Stories’’. Education Association, Denizli/Turkey, Oct. 2012- Sept. 2014

Role: Proposal writer in a team, project coordination and financial issues

Youth Initiatives for Dialogue Project ‘’Challenge for Prejudice’’ in the framework of Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Program, Youth Association, March 2008- February 2010, Denizli/Turkey,  Role: Proposal writer

• Community School Project in Matra Fund of Holland, ‘’Arm in arm’’, January- December 2007, Public School, Denizli/Turkey, Almelo/Holland, Role: Proposal writer, coordinator

Project in Matra Fund of Holland, ‘’Disability at Work’’, January- December 2008, Municipality, Denizli/Turkey, Almelo/Holland, Role: Translator and project supporter

Project of Active Workforce Programs, ‘’Computer Teaching to Villages and Districts of Denizli’’ September 2006- August 2008, Villages Development Association, Denizli/Turkey.

Role: Translator and project facilitator.

Grundtvig project, ‘’Eastern Wisdom for Western Education’’ Education Association, ; Role: Project coordinator.

Grundtvig project,.’9 wonders of Europe’ Tourism Development Association, Denizli/TR Oct. 2008 – ; Role: Proposal writer and project coordinator.

Grundtvig workshop, ‘’’Family worth everything’’, January – April 2010

Education Association, ; Role: Proposal writer and project coordinator.

Open for new works.

Writing Project proposals for different funds, especially EU funds.
If you have any Project idea/s, we can work together and create good works in good cooperation.

Key competences: project proposal writing, project management, communication, networking-relations, executive director, teacher, trainer.

Fields of Expertise:

 Adult Learning
 Youth Exchanges
 Lifelong Learning
 Project Development
 Project Management
 Project Planning
 International Project Management

Ideas in Progress

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