Nevin Baran

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs

: Jun 6, 2016

About Me

I have provided Management Consulting and training services to SMEs and clusters focused on competetiveness, internationalization and innovation since 2003. I also provide International Project Management, business development and capacity building services to public sector, NGOs, universities, research centers and schools. I am currently working on EU Technical Assistance projects, EC framework contracts financed by international donors such as EU, World Bank, UNDP as a senior expert in various regions of the ;My areas of expertise are;

Economic Development: Support to Small and Medium Enterprises, Clusters

SME and Micro Enterprise Business Management and Development, Management Consulting, Business Counseling and Consultancy, Competitiveness of SMEs, Internationalization of SMEs, Export-Import Supply chain management and logistics, International Sales and Marketing

Branding, Market Research, Export Promotion, Enterprise Export Strategies, Foreign Trade Transactions, Strategic Planning, Export Consortium's, Clustering, Organize International Trade missions, SME Policy, Entrepreneurship , Value Chain Analyses, International Trade missions, Investment Promotion, SME Policy,  Women Entrepreneurship, Business Plan, Market Survey study, Feasibility study, Evaluation study, Needs assessment, SWOT analyses, GAP analyses, Action plan development

Project Cycle Management (PCM) concept and techniques

EU/PRAG Procurement Rules, EU Issues and institutional structures, Tender Procedures, Grant Scheme Project Planning, evaluation, Supply tender dossier preparation, evaluation, Works dossier preparation, evaluation

EU Technical Assistance Project Tender Preparation

Support to writing regional - rural development and SME development proposal, Integrating experts into project proposals, Approving the budget and the price strategy.

Fields of Expertise:

 Capacity Building
 Project Development
 International Project Management
 Business Development

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