Smart & Lean

: Jan 20, 2016

Looking for Partnership
About Me
  • WHY:  To foster customers' world class operational excellence.


  • WHAT:  Clever ICT- solutions together with data based continuous improvement.


  • HOW:  Practise oriented Lean and Six Sigma approach and close co-operation with ICT start-up companies, which focus on emerging technologies.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Enterprise and Industry
 Digital Economy
 Europe for Citizens
 Business Development

Ideas in Progress

Favourite Calls

 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Urban Management
 Smart Cities
 Urban Development
 Europe for Citizens
 Social and Welfare
Scope: This measure aims at supporting projects promoted by transnational partnerships and networks directly involving citizens. Those projects gather citizens from different horizons, in activities directly linked to Union policies, with a view to give them an opportunity to actively participate in the Union policy-making process in areas related to the objectives of the Programme. As a remind ...
Deadline Sep 1, 2020   - 59 days