Jukka Häkkinen, University of Helsinki

: May 16, 2016

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About Me

My name is Jukka Häkkinen and I am Principal investigator at University of Helsinki and lead Visual Cognition Research Group. We have previous experience on applying vision science to technology project. Our interest areas are:

  • Subjective image quality (mobile devices, cameras)
  • Ergonomics and user experience of head-mounted displays
  • Ergonomics and user experience of stereoscopic (S3D) displays
  • Viewer experience of S3D movies, 360 movies and virtual reality environments
  • Simulator sickness and cybersickness
  • Gaze tracking and gaze modeling
  • User experience of IoT

Keywords and matching areas:

 Aerospace Technology
 Audiovisual Services
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Digital Economy
 Mobile technology
 Digital Culture
 Human Sciences
 Industrial Design

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