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: Oct 9, 2017

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a learning space for children.

2 - Provide recreational space to empty the negative gained energies, especially in the field of sports, specifically football where the program will establish a football team consists of 22 players from both sexes.

3 - Provide a monthly academic program (a comprehensive follow - up of all subjects) in order to raise the academic level of students because of the inability of parents to teach and follow-up their children in an academic way, for the following reasons:  

A - Lack of time for parents to teach their children, which affect the level of education for their children's.


B – Continuous changing and developing on studies programs which causing a gap between parents and children's.


C – Changing the ways and means of teaching between present and past.


4 – Providing Advanced Educational System.


5 – Changing the vision of students towards Education in order to encouraging them to love the new ways of learning.


6 – Modifying the negative behaviors of students to positive.


7 - Exploiting the energies of students in positive aspects.

8 – Helping students in building strong and confident personalities.

9 - Making education from a child's perspective a bridge to a better future, through education the steps of success in live will be easily, and smoothly.


10 – Providing job vacancies and reducing unemployment level in the society.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Urban transport
 Education and Training
 Arts Education

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