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: Jan 14, 2016

About Me

EuCRF European Centre for Research & Financing is a research & project management organisation, concentrating on internationally funded R&D projects; academic, scientific & developmental strategies and research in social & management sciences, gender, educational planning, finance and strategic development. We help to develop and implement R&D projects so they best meet the expectations of the review process. We are experts on developing academic & scientific strategies & performance assessment and methodological evaluation and on the preparation of proposals. We also contribute, as partners to the RTD effort of planned projects and to the dissemination & exploitation (& commercialisation) efforts projects' results. Our research expertise includes the domains of social, financial, management & legal sciences, including cost-benefit & SWOT analyses and project budgeting, gender issues, humanities & ethics, marketing & business strategy and development. We also have in-house expertise in water & waste management and industrial planning.

EuCRF has been involved in the preparation, research and management of numerous projects, including NEWS, Coll-Plexity, PreGenesys, HELM, HotZyme, TrainBioDiverse and more, working with universities, large industrial organisations, SMEs and others, such as University of Copenhagen, Buckingham University, Sigma Aldrich, Novozymes, Unilever, Montana State University, MictoDish, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Italian CNR, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen and many more.

Fields of Expertise:

 Innovation & Research
 International Project Management
 Business Writing
 Academic Writing
 Sociology and Economic Research
 Policy Evaluation and Governance

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