Veronika Jemelikova

 Project Management
 International Cooperation

: Aug 19, 2018

About Me

International development professional and sustainability enthusiast with over 9 years of experience from project and program management and coordination, passionate about the following areas:

- humanitarian assistance
- migration
- sustainable development
- circular economy and environmental management
- community mobilization and civil society strengthening
- strategic communication and public information
- conflict resolution and mediation
- leadership and education
- social entrepreneurship and innovations
- advocacy, stakeholder coordination and fundraising
- research and data-based programming 

Working towards real impact and improvement of lives of people is crucial in my work. Learning and striving for excellence have always been an essential part of my life.

Fields of Expertise:

 Capacity Building
 Development and Cooperation
 Project Development
 International Relations
 Partnership Management
 International Project Management
 Policy Evaluation and Governance
 Human Rights

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