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: Jul 18, 2021

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About Me

Re-Fresh Global is the Innovation Center for Circular Economy in Textiles. We develop new textile waste management technologies and products from textile waste, initiate and implement circular economy projects, training, and international cooperation programs to create a business ecosystem for industry, government, and the social sector for circularity and innovation.

The activity aims to produce a radical change of the linear textile industry and the traditional one-way production that harms, and pollutes the environment, and is not adapted to the technological age and its possibilities as developed by parallel traditional industries in the world (Industry ).

Re-Fresh Global wants to revolutionize textile waste management by developing new products and strategies for managing textile waste according to scalable circular economy business models that benefit cities, citizens, and the textile and fashion industries. We turn textile waste into a profitable business by building micro-factories - an innovative solution for textile waste.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Start Up
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Smart Cities
 Industrial Textile Manifacturing

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