Roubina Ghattas

: Nov 15, 2018

Looking for Partnership
About Me

I am the director general of Pioneer Consultancy Center for Sustainable Development (PCC). We are located in Bethlehem city in Palestine and we aim at providing services in diverse fields that would benefit both nature and people. PCC supports its clients to secure effective nature conservation, clean environment and green solutions, in addition to generate economic benefits and empowerment to local vulnerable communities mainly females. PCC provides studies, assessments and surveys through the support of strong team with diverse backgrounds and high qualifications and expertise. Training and awareness campaigns in relevant fields are also provided by PCC to augment the local and personal education.

Of our strong fields is biodiversity inventory, monitoring and conservation. We implement projects in this field covering different ecosystems/habitats and linking our work with diverse cross cutting sectors such as environment, water, climate change adaptation, agriculture and education.

At the moment we are implementing three projects related to assessing and conserving natural heritage of Western side of Bethlhem Governorate, enhancing the sustainable agriculture and marketing at villages of Western Bethlhem, and another  that cares about setting biodiversity management plans for protected areas and key biodiversity areas in Palestine. We also conduct consultancies and studies in the above mentioned fields.

We are ready to join a partnership/cooperation in line with the EU open calls in our relevant fields.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Forest Resources
 Plant Health
 Rural Development
 Social Farming
 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Cultural heritage

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