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: Jan 17, 2019

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Associated professor at Department of Animal Husbandry, Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources, Slovak University of Agriculture.

Department of Animal Husbandry was establishe in 1953 and to current organisation structure was changed in 1972. Department plays main role in teaching of study  programmes Animal production and General Agriculture and is involved in many other study programmes at all other faculties of university in backelor, master as well as doctoral degree. Research is focused to performance record and testing in farm animals, breding, husbandry techniques, technology, practise and management, animal behavior and welfare.

The Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources was established under this name in year 2002 by renaming the Faculty of Agronomy. Historically, it is a successor to the Branch of Agricultural Engineering in Košice established in 1946. Scientific research activities of the FAPZ are focused primarily on the maximum use of knowledge and perspective orientations of aerobiology, food resources and the environment in Slovak conditions.

The faculty prepares specialists in the development, utilization, protection and recovery of food sources of plant and animal origin through the development and application of biological, ecological, technical and economic principles of functionality and knowledge of sustainable agro-ecosystems.

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra has attained the position of one of Slovakia’s leading universities in the period since it was founded in 1952. The University is consistently rated in the top group for the high quality of its teaching and research in the Slovak Republic. The University cultivates close and productive links with its local and regional community and will continue to expand its work at an international level in both teaching and scientific research. We have a strong tradition of working in collaboration with business and industry and playing an active role in economic regeneration. Finally, we recognise that our future success and direction will be dependent upon how we embrace and respond to new information and communication technologies.

The university provides education in the field of agriculture and related research areas such as: Agro biology, Food resources, sustainable agriculture, Agricultural production, biotechnology, food technology, Engineering of agricultural machinery and equipment, Computerization and automation of agricultural equipment, Operation of energy facilities on agricultural production, Gardening and landscape design, Economics and Management, International trade in agricultural commodities, Marketing, Development of rural tourism, Project management for rural development, Lifelong learning,

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 Animal Health and Welfare

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