Cristiana Bàrsony-Arcidiacono, PhD

 Natural Resources
 Sustainable Development

: May 24, 2019

About Me

Following my credo well encapsulated by Leonardo Da Vinci's quote
"The nicest and noblest thing is Nature itself",
I have with love devoted myself to science and development.
My diverse background allows me to lead/strategize/catalyze environmental, political, and development projects/programs of broad scope and complexity.

I have several years of international experience (EU, Africa, MEA) enjoying various roles:
- Strategic Advisor for major International Organizations including Financial companies (Venture Capitals, IAEA, UNESCO, CNRS, EC, etc).
- Business Developer&Savvy Analyst for Innovative Solutions in diverse fields (Sustainable Development (SDGs), Water, Energy, Resilience-Mitigation-Adaptation, Capacity Building, Complex Emergencies, Digitalization (AI), ICT, etc).

I am Grateful to Advocate Environmental&Social Causes for Developing&Fragile countries.
- Earth Child Institute (NYC), Board Member,
- Initiative More Water for the Sahel (Paris), Board member,
- Foundation for Post-Conflict Development (NYC), UN representative,
- Working Group Business for Peace, UN Global COMPACT (NYC), member.
Promoting people's involvement in advocating for change:
Energy Justice, Humanistic Economy

Available Internationally as your Strategic Expert to Create, Cooperate, and Conceive differently
Expertise Areas
International Relations&Capacity Building, Management of Natural Resources, Green & Digital Transition (AI), Business Development (Innovation).

Main Achievements
- Water, Climate Change Mitigation&Adaptation Management (UNESCO)
- Strategic Advice on the Political Economy and Environment (Venture Capitals, WB, CNRS)
- Team Leader&Coordinator in difficult situations: conflict area operation
- Published articles in high impact factor scientific journals (PRL, JPhysB), Magazines (IAEA) Written main Reports for several organizations (CARE, WPA, )
- Committed to the work of 2 Nobel Peace awarded institutes.

- Intelligent Disobedience, Creativity, Tactical Empathy
- Systemic Leadership offering clarity of vision and making people feel inspired
- Sustainable Development Design, Organization Design, Change &Adaptive Management
- Critical&Systems Thinking, Design thinking, Venture thinking
- Business Intelligence via Earth Observation Big Data, ICTs, Monitoring&Evaluation, Modelling, AI
- Modern Languages. Rhetoric

Enjoy working in a multicultural environment where Passion, Integrity, are valued!

“Kindness. The only possible method when dealing with a living ; Bulgakov 

Fields of Expertise:

 Innovation & Research

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