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: May 31, 2020

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Srednja šola za oblikovanje Maribor - SŠOM (School of Design Maribor) is situated in north-east of Slovenia, in Maribor.

SŠOM employs 79 people (57 regular experts-teachers, 10 staff and 12 contract experts) educate 728 students in three professions: 3-year programme of hairdressers (VET school) and 4-year programmes of media technician and designers (TECH school). Designers are divided into three modules of industrial designer, fashion designer and graphic designer. All programs offer education for adult learners in various ; 

SŠOM is very successful in its context development, students` achievements, has a rich involvement part in cooperation with business partners and plays an important role in the region and in national level.

SŠOM programmes are very various - hairdressers, multimedia and design, but nevertheless their bond is priceless and we try to prioritize it as the way of perfect teamwork, which is seen in the events we organize or are invited to participate. Students recognize the responsibility of qualitative work and get a perfect reference for the future.

The main event is FOMB - Festival of Design Maribor in April/May, completely organized by the students, teachers and partners. FOMB represent the importance of the profession, presenting products, experts, ideas, networking and is the great motivation for young people and the others. It is public open.


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