: Apr 8, 2021

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LCC is an Egyptian Law Firm founded 12 years ago by Dr Ahmed Said and partners which offer a professional and qualified legal service. LCC is established in Cairo but works with many international partners and corporations providing high quality dispute resolution, corporate and commercial practice.

The Areas of practice are always growing in line with development in law business and technology,clients can benefit from a coordinated and cost effective management of all aspects of the transaction. Main focus are on Arbitration, Litigation, Tax , Contract preparation, review and Consultancy. The purpose for which the firm was created was to solve and prevent the company's legal crisis. Part of LCC activity is also to promote investment in Egypt, making international entrepreneurs benefit from the many opportunities, tax reduction and resources that the region has to offer. Currently produces monthly report on trade agreements and evolution of local commercial and civil law for embassies and companies and it's willing to expand is activity in the promotion of international trade cooperation and facilitation.

The pro-bono activity of the law firm includes free advice and legal support to womens and children suffering from domestic violence and lack of human rights.

The Staff of the firm is multi-cultural and includes mainly womens.

Now it's looking for European funds opportunity to expand is activity in trade promotions, support for local business development and finance is pro-bono activity to enhance womens and children rights .

Keywords and matching areas:

 Gender Equality
 Trade Law
 International Law
 Legal Writing

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