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: Apr 4, 2016

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Prof. Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad

(SUDSOE project coordinator)

Professor, Environmental Studies and Land Use Division, National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), Cairo, Egypt.


  1. Faculty of Sciences, State University of Ghent, Belgium, Ph. D. in Soil Sciences, Using Remote Sensing Techniques, with the degree of "Greatest distinction",  October 1988
  2. Post Doctor Studies in the Remote Sensing Technology International Center (RESTIC) in Tokyo, Japan, in 1994.
  3. Peace fellowship holder for post Doctor Studies in the State University of South Dakota, 1995.
  4. Awarded of the state prize in advanced technical Studies Agricultural Sciences in Egypt.
  5. National expert in the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, 1995-2002.
  6. Deeply involved in environmental impact assessments in Egypt and in the Arab world.
  7. Regional coordinator for a number of EU funded projects (AVICENE, CAMELEO, LANDWATERMED, MEDCOASTLAND, MEDAQUA1, MEDAQWA2 and Currently, National Coordinator of MELIA EU-INCO Project.
  8. Member of the International working group linking MIRA and Horizon 2020 projects activities.
  9. Coordinator of the ERAWIDE EU-FP7 project "Characterization and Sustainable Use of Egyptian Degraded Soils – SUDSOE", January 2012-July 2014.
  10. Principal Investigator of several National funded projects in the field of soil and environmental sciences.
  11. Project evaluator for the Marie Curie and RDI programmes.
  12. Member of EU-Egypt Cooperation Comity for Science and Technology since 2008.
  13. Attendance of a number of international scientific events around the world and has published 145 articles in different International and National Journals and bulletins.
  14. Instructor of “Environmental Impact Assessment on Land use/Land Cover Using Remote Sensing and GIS (Northwestern Coast of Egypt), Training course on: The role of remote Sensing and Space Technologies in EIA, Organized by UNESCO, EGSMA, NARSS, UNDF and the British Council, Cairo.
  15. Training Program Director of "GIS project Management" and "Air Pollution", Projacs International for Project Analysis & Control System Co.
  16. Editorial board member & reviewer of the following Journals;
  • Asian Journal of Agricultural Research,
  • Asian Journal of Earth Sciences,
  • Asian Journal of Information Management,
  • International Journal of Remote Sensing
  • International Journal of Agricultural Research,
  • International Journal of Soil Science,
  • Journal of Agronomy,
  • Journal of Applied Sciences,
  • Research Journal of Environmental Sciences,
  • Space Research Journal,
  • Trends in Applied Sciences Research,
  • Asian Journal of Scientific Research.
  • Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space ;

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 Sustainable Development

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