Katja Čanžar

: May 23, 2020

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About Me

Head of destination management of the leading destination Catez – Posavje.
Tasks: development of sports tourism in Brežice, organization of tourist hackathon and round table on World Tourism Day, establishment of a collective branding system, participation in events, participation in promotional activities, cooperation with the Regional Development Agency, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and Slovenian tourist organization, preparation of tenders and obtaining national and European funds for tourism, cooperation with the Faculty of Tourism in monitoring tourist arrivals and tourist demand and cooperation with other institutions, services and associations in the field of tourism.

Lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Tourism.

Ex Vice Mayor at Municipality of Brežice:
Planning and management of projects co-financed from EU funds; responsible for domain related to sport,  culture, tourism, small business and youth.
Project management - organization of the project from idea to execution, fundraising for the project (through all the work, performance of the assessor to tender projects).
Head of projects co-financed by the European Commission: 1. Establishing a Framework for conservation, evolution and promotion of Balkan Accordion Heritage in South-East Europe, 2. Promoting cultural network SEE and connecting local projects in South – East Europe, 3. Sports for healthy aging and 4. Feel the freedom of the water.

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 Disadvantaged People

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