Helena Luketić

: Feb 26, 2021

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About Me

HŽ PP conducts public passenger transport at inland and international railway traffic. We offer services of connecting city centres and local environments in Croatia with metropolitan and other centres in Europe as well as mass passenger transit within major cities. We provide season journeys among counties/regional centre in inland with the touristic destinations on the coast. Also, we’re connecting Croatia with other country capitals and city centres of Central and West Europe, as well as attract transit traffic between West and Southeast Europe. Since journey needs to be cost friendly and comfortable, our goal is to preserve and attract passengers and provide modern, safe and quality transport service. Our mission is offering transport service to passengers; providing quality and reliability as well as economically and ecologically acceptable service in urban and suburban, local and regional transport and domestic long-distance transport, with contemporary mobile capacities.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Urban transport
 Smart Mobility

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