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: Jul 1, 2019

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GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH, is an Austrian high-tech SME providing managers and operators with Intelligent Digital Twin technology to assist in holistic sustainable high performing management, monitoring and control of complex cyber-bio-physical systems. The examples of the applications are Virtual Assistants for Personal Heath quality management, Smart Factories, Agri-Industrial and Food enterprises, Water and Waste management, Smart Cities and others.

The company developed new IoT technology platform Pharos Navigator® (PharosN) for rapid tailor-made implementation of AI-, Bigdata-driven Digital Twins providing holistic, user friendly transparent vision of increasingly complex interlinked processes taking place in such big systems existing now in physical and virtual worlds.

As partner in consortiums participating in the Horizon Europe Program, GOLEM supports scientific research, development, innovation, experimental studies and practical digital prototypes. Our digital automation solutions enable new sophisticated tools for studies, experiments and simulation of complex change processes in social-economic-environmental and other big systems for industrial, healthcare and urban stakeholders to address sustainability and resilience management, effective AI monitoring, conversational interactions between humans and AI Digital Twins.

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 Health Care
 Artificial Intelligence

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