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: Jul 1, 2019

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GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GmbH, is an Austrian SME developing and offering its expertise and novel IoT technology platform Pharos Navigator® (PharosN) for rapid tailor-made implementation of advanced ICT applications to assist administrations, managers and operators in holistic monitoring, analysing and controlling various Big Systems of Systems complex cyber-bio-physical systems of multiple systems (CPSoS). The examples of such systems include regions, cities, districts, campuses, buildings, shopping and trade centres, service providing enterprises (energy, transportation, water, waste, environment, etc), Industry manufacturing enterprises, eHealth apps, as well as various relevant educational and learning apps.

The implemented digital transformation twin applications include personal eHeath monitors, Smart Factories, Agro-Industrial and Food enterprises, Water and Waste management, Smart Cties and many others.

The company research, development and innovation addresses growing social and business demand for smart sustainable management and governance of large scale social-economic-industrial systems assisted by AI, Big Data and Blockchain driven ICT tools providing holistic, user friendly transparent vision of the increasingly complex interlinked processes, its results, performance, quality and sustainability. As partner in H2020 consortiums, GOLEM will supports scientific research, development and innovation, and experimental studies,  and practical TRL prototyping of novel cloud, fog and edge IoT architectures for and software automation solutions that enable new AI-driven digital services including sustainability and resilience management, monitoring, analytics, benchmarking and simulation of complex change processes in social-economic-environmental and other big systems for industrial, healthcare and urban stakeholders.

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 Health Care
 Artificial Intelligence

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