: Nov 7, 2018

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Lifelong Learning Centre level 2 (LLC) “Epimorfotiki Kilkis single member llc” (Epimorfotiki) was founded in 1995 in Kilkis (North Greece) with the purpose to organise and deliver modern Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP), as well as advanced Consultative & Supportive Services to Local Authorities, Civil Society Bodies, Education Institutions, etc., including active involvement in EU programmes and Initiatives. Epimorfotiki aims at continually promoting sustainable development of Kilkis Province, as well as the business activity through the development of local human resources.


1. Vocational Training Programmes addressed to: unemployed, enterprises’ employees and Special Groups of Population, financed by EU and National funds, and/or self-financed;

;Providing Consultative and Supportive Services about Funding Opportunities within EU programmes;

3. Implementing researches and studies relative to the sustainable local development and the human resource;

4. Participation in Integrated European Initiatives, co-funded by EU (:  in ERASMUS+ KA1 both as Applicant as well as Hosting Organisation and in KA2 as project partner. In the former years also Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Daphne, Lingua 1, INTERREG III, ec.)

Epimorfotiki employs 13 persons (6 men and 7 women) with long experience and profound knowledge in the field of Vocational Training, LifeLong Learning, Consultancy and EU programmes and Initiatives. In addition to the permanent staff, Epimorfotiki has also developed a wide network of collaborators, which includes a Quality Consultant, VET trainers, Counsels of Vocational Orientation and Human Resources, Counsels of Continuous Local Development, ICT experts, etc.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Human Resources
 Sustainable Development
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Lifelong Learning

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