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: Sep 17, 2018

About Me

Maria Koloni is an experienced cultural development professional with substantial experience in funding resources and bidding practices, as well as in the design, planning and delivery of culture and sport projects (Creative Europe, Erasmus + Sport)

 Working since September 2017 as a Communications & Development Advisor at the Olympic Museum, she is devising master plans, rethinking audience outreach and museum digital competence, through a competitive fundraising scheme. Active   in EU programs for more than a decade, she has a proven track-record authoring, implementing and monitoring a variety of projects in view of audience development. In the Olympic Games, Athens 2004, she worked for the Language Services Department and during the period of the Olympic Games, she was the Manager of Language Services at the Olympic Stadium organizing and coordinating interpretation in various functional areas, such as the Press Room, Mixed Zone ; 

The last couple of years, she has produced Film Education strategies for the Thessaloniki Film Festival and has acted twice as bid-writer and Academic Head of EUFORIA 2016 & 2017 (Media Desk/Creative Europe).

She holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature & History of Art from York University (UK) and two MAs, one in Film Studies (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK) and one in Museum & Gallery Management/Cultural Policy (City University, UK). In England, where she lived for a decade, Maria Koloni worked for the British  Museum’s   Education   Department  assisting  in   the     development  of  educational    programs    and contemporary art projects   relevant to museum   ; 

 Employed   by TIF-HELEXPO,   Greece’s   National    Institution  for  the    Organization of Exhibitions, Conferences    and Cultural Events (2006-2012), she held the post of Exhibitions & Conferences  Advisor   and  has    organized  a     variety  of   small   to    large      scale   conferences, edited and translated conference proceedings, authored ESPA bidding proposals  and acted as Project-Manager in events held   by the Greek Ministries  of Education, Culture, Development  and  Economy, the National Bank of Greece etc. A native Greek, she speaks two other languages, English and ;

Fields of Expertise:

 Culture and Development
 Film Festivals
 Technical Writing

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