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: Apr 3, 2018

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Education Centre Geoss Ltd., Litija, Slovenia is a successor of the People's University of Litija with more than 50 years of experience in the field of education.

We conduct both formal and non-formal programmes for adults. We have 11 secondary school programmes and 6 higher education programmes from the fields of mechanics, logistics, computer science, preschool education, marketing, economics, business studies ; 

We offer a comprehensive range of educational programmes: from elementary school for adults to secondary and tertiary education programmes, as well as numerous non-formal education programmes (general education, training and courses). In recent years, increasing attention has been given to various projects that develop and encourage lifelong learning among different target groups, especially the socially weak (elderly persons, rural residents, migrants, persons with intellectual dissabilities, the unemployed), and to implementation of social and digital agenda and territorial cooperation. At our work we follow the local, regional and wider national and European needs. There are approximately 1000 adults included in various educational programmes at our centre each year, of which there are between 400 and 500 participants in formal education programmes.

The goals of our organization are to improve learning outcomes through quality teaching and learning process, to train and engage mentors and teachers towards innovative and holistic approach towards learning, to empower and increase the self-esteem of the participants involved in adult education, to increase equity and inclusion for all vulnerable social groups with fewer opportunities, to target the socially excluded, early school leavers and less qualified adults, immigrants and intellectually disabled people. We are actively involved in our social environment and we are going to continue to bring economic and social improvements to our environment through the sustainable development of human resources skills and knowledge on multiple levels, which will be accessible to all people equally.

Our organization is actively involved in empowering the people from different groups of adults with fewer opportunities, encouraging them on personal and professional level through implementation of multiple formal and non-formal educational programmes, individual and group targeted approaches and methods challenging their points of views and promoting lifelong learning as a value which can bring changes and improvements in people's lives.

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