Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Málaga

: Dec 30, 2019

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The Official College of Architects of Malaga, is the professional organization integrated by the architects of the province of Malaga, created by Decree 100/2001 of April 10 of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of the Junta de Andalucía as a Public Law corporation , with its own legal personality and full capacity to act for the fulfillment of its purposes.

It is integrated into the professional organization of Spanish Architecture, within the scope of the Andalusian Council of Official Colleges of Architects CACOA), belonging to the Superior Council of the Architects' Associations of Spain (CSCAE) that constitutes the Spanish Section of the International Union of Architects (UIA) and is part of the Council of Architects of Europe (CAE).

The Official College of Architects of Malaga has about 1,200 members, and has a great presence in the province and a great national and international prestige, based on its ability to integrate into society and the services it provides to architects and users.

From the point of view of the former, the College ensures the ethics, training and organization of the free exercise of the profession of architect, represents their interests and disseminates their projects, in the most modern fields of activity of the profession, offering advanced alternatives of technology, information and exchange, compatible with the rest of the Colleges in Andalusia and Spain, and with other Associations, Orders or Chambers of Architects from around the world.
For this, it uses all the Systems, Networks and Databases of greater efficiency, interdependence and global access.

The College also exercises an important cultural, social and corporate work in the province, mediating conflicts in defense of the rights of citizens or between the architects themselves, exercising professional opinion on all issues within their competence, favoring the projection of the architecture, urban planning and the environment in society.

In its dissemination work, it promotes cultural events, conferences and exhibitions that show, in a local and itinerant way, the best architecture of the moment.

Public and private users through collegiate services can obtain information, advice and receive the best quality guarantees in the order, development and maintenance of works, projects, plans and programs, at the prices freely agreed between the parties and where appropriate, it offers mediation and collegiate arbitration to resolve disagreements between clients and architects (Establishment adhered to the Consumer Arbitration System).
It has legal and urban planning advice services available to anyone who requests it and supports justified citizen demands, as well as advises the Administrations, Non-Governmental, Neighborhood and Citizen Organizations, as part of the social function of Architecture.

Due to its size and the complexity of the services provided by the College of Architects of Malaga, it is an example of innovation that other professional and administrative entities have followed at the local and regional level.

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