Claudia Marsico

: Feb 13, 2020

About Me

I am an expert in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences with experience in academic tasks, expert evaluation, and advice for policymaking. Together with research work in my position as Full Tenured Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and Senior Researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research in Argentina, I have held executive positions in the education system and has been an expert evaluator in many international agencies. As a result, I know very well the European regulations. In all these positions I have carried out tasks of evaluation of academic research projects, capacity-building programs, quality assurance, institutional evaluation, and societal impact developments, as well as assessment in societal challenges, evaluation of feasibility and social impact in the areas of gender, and democratic enhancement. As a Senior Researcher in my area of expertise, I have a broad knowledge of the tasks of team leaders including coordination, supervision, and collaboration with different stakeholders including local, national and international officers.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Higher Education
 Cultural heritage
 Human Sciences
 International Relations
 Policy Evaluation and Governance

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