: Nov 23, 2023

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Cosvitec - University and Enterprise - is a centre for Research, Higher Education and Vocational Training (VET) established in 2001 in Naples as a Consortium constituted by University of Naples “Federico II”, University Parthenope and SMEs. Cosvitec works with Universities, research Centres, high-tech companies and SMEs to offer technology transfer and innovation support services, to develop and manage research, higher education and mobility projects.


Cosvitec offers training and employment opportunities to young people seeking employment and specialisation through innovative courses and internships that allow them to successfully enter the labour market. Our strong contribution to active employment policies in the area is determined by our role as an Job Intermediation Agency and vocational training centre within the 'Youth Guarantee' programme.


Cosvitec supports research institutions and researchers in the development of their projects and their professional activities. We provide consultancy and support for scientific research, working on the basis of continuous innovation and alignment of project strategies with industry trends. Our main areas of expertise are: Agrifood, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical research.


Cosvitec is also the Lead Partner of the vocational technical cluster 'P.R.O.S.I.T - Network Programme for Employment and Integrated Territorial Development' for the Agribusiness - Tourism and Cultural Heritage Cluster, in which Campania's vocational schools and SMEs are involved.


Through the implementation of several Erasmus+ KA 1 and 2 projects, it started an experimentation pathway in ECVET certification, involving institutional partners in the recognition and validation of qualifications.

Cosvitec is: UNI EN 14804:2005 CERTIFIED. Accreditation according to the UNI EN 14804 Quality Standard guarantees high standards in accommodation, the definition of leisure programmes and ancillary travel services in relation to the study programme.

Cosvitec is also ISO9001 VISION 2008 CERTIFIED. It applies ISO 9001 Quality procedures for the provision of professional and corporate training services; safety at work; scientific research for territorial development and business innovation; organisation of conferences and seminars; provision of internships and apprenticeships in Italy and abroad, constantly improving company performance and controlling company risk. It is also ACCREDITED BY THE CAMPANIA REGION as a Professional Training Body with code no. 143/10/04 according to the EQAVET guidelines and recommendations.


Cosvitec's team has 20 years of experience in transnational project planning and implementation, innovative curriculum development, internships, job shadowing and mobility programmes, WBL, higher education masterclasses. Our staff consists of 26 experts in EU projects, vocational training and guidance, research programmes, communication and reporting, who will follow all project phases.


As of 2021, we have been selected by the City of Naples to manage the activities of the EUROPE DIRECT NAPLES Centre, an opportunity that allows us to have a direct focus on EU activities and priorities and to promote them at local level, and to carry out joint initiatives in cooperation with the network of National and European ED Centres.


Furthermore, in 2022, Cosvitec received the Erasmus KA120 Accreditation as Consortium Leader in the VET sector (2021-1-IT01-KA120-VET-000046792) for the period 2022-2027, with the aim of representing a regional reference point for the tourism, agro-food and environmental sector, as a centre of development/evolution of the dynamics of the vocational and educational system.


Cosvitec also received the Erasmus KA120 Accreditation as Single Organization in the ADULT sector (2022-1-IT02-KA120-ADU-000109979) for the period 2023-2027, with the aim of training our team in the creation of Adult Education trainings and contents, that will support our Job Agency and Training Center activities.

Finally, in 2023, Cosvitec has received the KA130 Accreditation in the field of Higher Education as a leader of a consortium of 4 universities from Campania Region (2023-1-IT02-KA130-HED-000119551)



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