Bayrakli District Directorate of National Education

: Aug 1, 2016

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Our institution is in one of the largest districts of Izmir and has more than 100 public and private education institutions and has around 40,000 students and 3000 teachers. There are many teachers, managers and officers in different branches within our organization. Our institution tries to contribute to the national education system by conducting educational activities. Our vision as an institution has been adopted as a pioneer, entrepreneurial and innovative model to carry the flag of Bayraklı district to the top. In line with this vision, our mission is stated as ‘By doing studies in accordance with the basic national and universal value of the Turkish national education objectives and principles; to provide qualified, innovative, scientific and original education based on equal opportunity in all institutions affiliated to our directorate’. The training staff of our institution consists of productive and hard-working teachers who have developed a sense of social responsibility. Our teachers are respectful to their cultural values as well as other cultures. They are individuals who have been adapted to society, they also carry out social responsibility activities to bring disadvantaged students into society who cannot adapt to the environment and society they live in. Our organization does not only do the current work but also tries to prove the follow-up work to be sustainable and based on concrete indicators. Our teachers are the idealistic educators who are willing to communicate with their colleagues in Europe and who are excited about learning similar practices and who are in an effort to create a common European culture. As an institution, we support our teachers in their work on Erasmus + and we are working hard for our teachers and indirectly for our students to adapt and become Europeanized in European culture.

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