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: May 17, 2018

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ANEA is an indipendent consortium that, from 1998, promotes the rational use of energy, the develop of renewable energy sources, sustainable mobility and tourism. ANEA carries out  information, training and technical assistance to local authorities and companies for the implementation of innovative projects in the energy-environmental sector. In addition, ANEA organizes training courses addressed at innovative professional jobs (Energy Manager, Mobility Manager); is the organizer of EnergyMed (Conference Exhibition on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Mediterranean) that took place every year in Naples; it is also committed in the elaboration and implementation of communication campaign on rational use of energy and sustainable mobility; it develop feasibility studies and drafting of energy-environmental plans supporting in the elaboration of SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plans) those Municipality that have joined the Covenant of Mayors. Giving its legal status (public-private consortium leaded by Municipality of Naples and composed by other Public bodies and companies) ANEA is able to involve both Public Bodies at local and regional level and companies operating in the environamental-energy sector.

Actually, ANEA, is partner of CLEAN project, (), financed by Interreg Europe Program, that gather 9 European Regions with the aim to improve the capacity of their policy instruments to increase energy efficiency in housing and public infrastructure by 4%.

Within Erasmus+ Programme, ANEA is also partner of EYES project with the aim to involve a group of young people (aged 18 - 29 years) in local climate and energy planning, targeting specifically vulnerable groups of youth.

In the field of sustainable mobility, ANEA has been involved in European projects, such as Transport Learning with the aim to develop and implement high-quality training courses on sustainable transport, addressing mainly to public employees () and GO PEDELEC aimed at the promotion of electric bikes, named Pedelec in European slang ().

Since 2005, ANEA, every year, organizes "EnergyMed - Conference Exhibition on Energy and Environment in the Mediterranean" () that over the years has become the reference event of Central and South Italy on issues related to energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and tourism, waste management, smart city.

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 Low-Carbon Economy
 Energy Efficiency
 Renewable Energy
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
 Horizon Europe

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